rdbms 1.992

I added an option to make it easier to integrate rdbms on top of an existing custom access module.

I also fixed some small problems with the make files.

The new version can be found here.
I also made slight additions to the documentation.

4 thoughts on “rdbms 1.992

  1. Hello Ulf,

    I am a master student who is doing a thesis with rdbms. As I downloaded the newest version of code, I did not find add_properties/1 in rdbms module, So did you delete it or you put it somewhere else?

    Best regards,

  2. @Tony: I believe you will find the corresponding functions in rdbms_props.erl

    Apologies for the incomplete state of the documentation. I have not been aware of anyone using ‘rdbms’. I’d love to hear what you are up to, though.

  3. Hej Ulf,

    It may not be a perfect product, but it should be a useful tool. So please do not stop improving it. I think I found the function, do you mean set_property/3 in rdbms_props.erl? But to be frank, I would like to use add_properties/1 instead of this. Because you properly defined what is a valid property in the manual as shows below:

    Properties are given as {Key, Value} tuples, where the key consists of a

    {Class : attr | rec | tab, Name, Property} tuple.

    Then I know the input of add_properties/1 must be a list of tuples of this kind.

    But what about set_property(Tab, Key, Value), I may understand what are Key and Value, What do you mean Tab? as far as I understand, it is part of Key variable as the name of a table. Is that right? It is regretful to deleted add_properties/1, it is really important.


  4. Hi Ulf,

    I found rdbms can not store the database when I call mnesia:stop(). It is really strange and how can I do with it?


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