How to give a good talk

I recently had reason to give a talk about Erlang QuickCheck at an internal conference. QuickCheck is great, great stuff, but it’s a bit on the weird side, and presenting it to a mixed audience is not entirely easy.

Simon Peyton-Jones to the rescue. I recalled having seen a slide set about how to give a good presentation, and set out googling for it. I found it, and more: a presentation on the subject given by Simon in Wienna.

Here it is.

It takes about an hour to watch (I actually watched it three times), and is a great way to get prepared for a talk. Highly recommended.

How the talk went? Not for me to say, but at least it came off roughly as I had prepared it, and many of Simon’s tips were fresh in my mind. Indeed, some of the things that one might otherwise have found a bit challenging, were now rather amusing, because he had predicted them in his talk. Thank you, Simon.

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