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I once posted a question to the erlang-questions list in order to find out which of my Open Source contributions were actually used. I was hoping to remove some of them.

This didn’t seem to be doable, and I was instead asked to put together a summary of my different contributions, together with their status and what I thought I had learned from them.

Well, that was a number of years ago, but I finally put together something along those lines: My Erlang Projects (available from the right side bar). At least it was helpful to me – I guess that’s the main value of most blog activities anyway. (:

2 thoughts on “Contribution summary page

  1. > I was hoping to remove some of them.

    What was the point of removal if it’s not a secret?

    It’s quite hard to remove something once it has been put on the Internet especially open source software.. Someone might use it already..

  2. @Yakov:

    No secret. It was mainly the ‘gridfile’ and ‘bucket_grid’ contribs that I wanted to remove from the contribs page of I considered the approach flawed and had no interest in endorsing them.

    If anyone actually were using them, they’d have their own copies, and the right to keep using them and even share them with others, of course, but that doesn’t mean that I have to advertise or support these components myself.

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