Erlang User Conference 2009 – In the Wild

About a month to go now to the 15th Erlang User Conference in Stockholm.
For the first time ever, the conference is arranged by someone other than Ericsson, namely Erlang Training and Consulting Ltd. In fact, it is also the first time since 1998 that the conference is held outside Ericsson premises. Then, it was held at Van der Nootska Palatset for reasons I no longer recall (I guess we wanted to spice it up a little).

This year, it will be at the Astoria in the center of Stockholm. The reason this time is clear: the EUC has outgrown the largest lecture halls at Ericsson. With a month to go, we have more than 200 registered participants, and we are now investigating what the maximum capacity of the Astoria is, to see how many more we can squeeze in.

Another difference this year is that the speaker roster filled up in no time! We now have 14 talks, which is a busy program for a one-day conference! You have every chance to make EUC week an intense learning experience, with courses on Nov 9-11, the EUC on the 12th and on the 13th either a hackathon hosted by Klarna or ProTest tutorials in Älvsjö south of Stockholm. Add to this the chance to meet people like Tom Preston-Werner, founder of Github, Rusty Klophaus, father of Nitrogen, and the members of the Erlang/OTP development team.

There is still time to register.

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