Functional Programming Seminar

Last week (21 Feb), I had the pleasure of co-hosting a seminar on Functional Programming at Ericsson. We were able to bring an impressive cast of speakers:

  • Simon Peyton-Jones, Microsoft Research
  • Satnam Singh, Microsoft Research
  • John Hughes, Chalmers
  • John Launchbury, Galois

Some notable people in the audience were Seif Haridi, Joe Armstrong, Thomas Arts, Mary Sheeran, Koen Claessen

I want to extend my sincere thanks to all the speakers and distinguished guests, and post the seminar slides and videos of the talks for your enjoyment. Some Ericsson-specific content from the seminar has been omitted.

You may view them as streaming video, or download them and watch them locally (using e.g. VLC, QuickTime or the Wimpy FLV Player). I’ve noted some trouble viewing this many embedded flash streams on a single page, so I’ve posted each talk individually under the FP Seminar category.

Links follow, in the order in which they were presented:

Simon Peyton-Jones:
“Taming Effects – The Next Big Challenge”

Satnam Singh:
“Declarative Programming Techniques for Many-Core Architectures”

John Hughes:
“Testing with QuickCheck”

Simon Peyton-Jones:
“Composing Contracts – An Adventure in Financial Engineering”

John Launchbury: “High-Assurance Software”

Panel discussion